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Terms & Conditions

The booking terms regulate the agreement between Uddevalla Turism AB, org. No. 556023-9245, and you as an individual or the company / association that makes a purchase through our online booking.

Payment terms & cancellation policy
You can book the Archipelago products that doesn’t include food up until departure time. Cruises that include food can be booked up until 24h before departure.

If you wish to change your order to a new date, you must contact Uddevalla Turism by telephone. When rebooking, your existing order is canceled and we create a new one.

If you cancel your order and have a doctors note all charges will be refunded. If you want to reschedule no fees are added. No show will be charged 100%.

If you want to cancel your order / order you contact Uddevalla Turism by phone.

VAT rates
The prices stated are incl. 6% VAT for boat, 12% VAT for food and 25% VAT on other.

Ticket / receipt
Your order number is your ticket / your receipt.

Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy refers to the processing of personal data for which Uddevalla Turism is responsible for personal data. The privacy policy is applied when you share your personal information directly or indirectly with us via our websites, social media, our app or use our online booking. We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance to ensure that the confidentiality of your personal data is protected and maintained. For more information, read our full privacy policy.

Force Major clause
In the event of a natural disaster, war, state regulation, strike, lock out, blockade or other work disability, fire, storm, accident or other circumstance outside of Uddevalla Tourism’s control, the company is entitled to suspend, restrict or otherwise dispose of ordered travel / product without obligation to pay compensation .

Extra information for booking of Skärgårdsbåtarnas products
Included food and drink must not be consumed on board our archipelago boats. On board m / s Byfjorden is a bar with sales of alcoholic beverages and a simpler café selection (aboard m / s Sunningen and m / s Gustafsberg II there is a bistro with alcohol permits for limited time of the year).

Boat Replacement
The shipping company reserves the right, without obligation to pay, instead of advertised vessels to provide substitutes for reasonable reason.

Canceled departure
Uddevalla Turism reserves the right to cancel boat trips with Skärgårdsbåtarna 48h before departure if fewer than 25 people are pre-booked.


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